Most of my life I have dealt with migraine headaches. A friend recommended Suzy for a pranic healing session. I was having a migraine for three days straight. I saw Suzy for a healing and my migraine disappeared almost immediately and it hasn’t returned. Thank you Suzy!

Rhonda, L.A., CA
My life had turned into a complete mess. I was suffering from disordered eating and body image issues for over 20 years. I was in and out of therapy over the years, I joined different community groups and I even gave medication a try. I gave up trying to fix it for a long time, but I didn't want to live the rest of my life confined by my disease. From the years of therapy I learned that my disease stemmed from childhood trauma where I felt abandoned due to my parent's divorce. I heard about Pranic Healing and how it can be used to remove the fear-based energy from my body which caused me to eat uncontrollably. Not only that Pranic Healing has helped to center and ground me and to feel calm so that I could make better choices for myself. With specific Pranic Healing techniques that Suzy has taught me I now have these tools to use when I have the urge to overeat or when I feel bad about myself when I look in the mirror.
I contacted Suzy for a distant healing due to a severe kidney infection I had. I was in tremendous pain and needed relief. Suzy performed distant Pranic Healing on my kidneys. The very next day my pain decreased by 50%. After a second Pranic Healing session my pain was practically gone. Another time I contacted Suzy about my fear of flying. I had not been able to get on a plane in 35 years because of my fear. The fear was reduced by 50% after the first session and then 80% after the second session. I've been traveling by plane since then. Thank you Suzy!
Carol R., Santa Fe, NM
I have been diagnosed with HIV and was having terrible symptoms. I was tired all the time, dizzy, nauseous. After having my first treatment with Suzy the very next day my symptoms subsided tremendously. It was the best day I had in many weeks. With the help of my doctors and Suzy's healings I am back to my old self and living a healthy, happy life.
Matthew P., Phoenix, AZ
Suzy has the energy of the Divine Mother and an Earth Angel all in one. I went to her crystal healing studio and it is like being in heaven. She uses beautiful crystals and aromatherapy as well. She gave me several forgiveness & will power exercises to help me strengthen my will to lose weight and after working with her in person and remotely for over a month I can say I am finally on my way to being healthier! I attribute my 10 lb loss largely to her and the beautiful energy work she does. I feel this weight is going to stay off this time! When she performs distance healing on me I feel it very strongly... I see swirls of colors and lights in my mind's eye and I can feel when she stops. I feel such a sense of complete peace and wellbeing after a session with her! I can't say enough good things about her... if you are considering her I would say GO FOR IT! You will know after just one session that she is the REAL DEAL!
Sheila O., Los Angeles, CA
I was desperately seeking help for my binge-eating disorder. I tried so many different things to heal, but nothing was really working, Sure I've been in therapy, but the progress has been slow. I heard that Suzy works with women who have disordered eating and body image issues through a friend. What Suzy explained to me was that a healing modality called Pranic Healing can help to purge negative programming from childhood that results in negative habits and negative thoughts about ourselves. That intrigued me so I decided to give it a try and I have to say that I am better able to handle my emotions, negative thoughts and my outlook about myself has never been better. Thank you Suzy!
Suzy Gruzen, a Professional Pranic Healer, Advanced in Crystal Pranic Healing. I was lucky enough that she was able to work with me. I had a very serious eye problem--chronic dryness, redness and constant pain. Also, I had a lack of energy and nervousness. With Suzy's help my eye problems were getting less and less, and after the fifth or sixth session, the pain was gone, my eyesight became much better. My energy level improved dramatically. Suzy's positive attitude, and her generous personality and the extra effort she put into her work improved my general well-being. Whenever I'll have any kind of problem, I will get Pranic Crystal therapy with Suzy. I highly recommend her to anyone with the most serious health problems to get the best care from her with the best result.
Aniko I., Canoga Park, CA
When I came to see Suzy for a Crystal Therapy/Reiki session I did not know what to expect, as this was my very first treatment. The purpose of my visit was to deal with anxiety and grief. Upon meeting Suzy and speaking with her for a short while I felt at ease and knew I came to the right place. When the session was finished I felt a sense of calm and the negative emotions that I was holding onto were able to flow more freely as they left my body. I was in awe! I could actually feel them leave my body! I have had additional sessions with Suzy and highly recommend her. She is a gifted healer.
Ellen A., Arcadia, CA